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12 Favorite Kid-Friendly Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Treats

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12 Favorite Kid-Friendly Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Treats

Several years ago our family had to make some major dietary changes when my husband was diagnosed with Celiac disease. It felt like it was back to the drawing board on virtually all of my recipes- maybe it’s just a Southern thing, but wheat had always been such a staple ingredient in so many of my go-to recipes. While I have found myself (selfishly) pouting at times about his diagnosis and what it has meant for my meal planning efforts, my husband has handled it like a champ with the best of attitudes.

Thankfully, there are lots of delicious gluten free options out there, most of which I have found online on some wonderful gluten free food and lifestyle bloggers’ sites.

However, the most difficult category in which to find yummy gluten free recipes has been dessert. Don’t hear me wrong: there are lots of recipes out there. They’re just not all very tasty. Or very kid-friendly. Which certainly doesn’t help a mama with four kiddos.

*One might be wondering why my husband’s wheat allergy would keep our children from eating gluten- it doesn’t. They consume their fair share of gluten. However, after learning more about his condition, I have come to the conclusion that it’s really not safe for us to use any wheat in our cooking/baking at home. Research shows that wheat particles can become airborne and could be ingested, having a similar effect as eating wheat. Not something we’re willing to play around with at our house.

With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, I decided to round up some favorite kid-friendly gluten free dessert recipes. Hopefully, this will help other families struggling with this same food allergy to find some fun ideas for treats to celebrate this holiday together. This list includes gluten free cookies, brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts, truffles, rice crispy treats, and even whoopie pies. These recipes are perfect to be enjoyed at home as dessert or snacks, as well as in the classroom for a Valentine’s party.

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I’ve pulled these recipes from some of the very best food blogs I’ve found, specifically gluten free food blogs. After checking out these yummy Valentine’s Day treat ideas, take a few minutes to explore the other delicious recipes they have on their websites for other dessert recipes or even dinner inspirations.

12 Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Treats Your Kids Will Love

12 Favorite Kid-Friendly Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Treats

If you’re looking for recipes that are slightly fancier and geared more towards grown-ups, Good Housekeeping has a great roundup of gluten free Valentine’s Day treats.

Or if you like video tutorials and/or just need a simple gluten free brownie recipe, you may also enjoy this super popular recipe for quick and easy clean gluten-free brownies from Dani Spies with Clean & Delicious Food Blog:

Happy (gluten free) Valentine’s Day! 

*If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day inspiration, be sure to check out our Amazon Fashion for Valentine’s Day post. 

Don’t forget to leave links to other favorite gluten free Valentine’s Day treats that we may have missed in the comments below!

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