About The Joyfully Imperfect

Here at The Joyfully Imperfect, you will find curated content in the areas of faith, family, lifestyle, home, fashion, recipes & holidays and celebrations.

I understand well the demands and pressure the modern day woman feels- the expectations (often self-imposed) to be a perfect wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, employee, homemaker, fashionista and Christian.

My hope is that by sharing practical tips, life hacks, and curated round-up posts in each of these areas with content from some of the best blogs around the internet, I can help you save precious time and money to alleviate some of that pressure.

I also truly hope that the posts in the faith category will serve to strengthen, challenge and encourage you regardless of any differences in our beliefs.

The Bible tells us to “number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12). My prayer for each of you is that your time spent here will in turn save you money, time and stress so you can focus on what’s truly important- joyfully embracing and being present for your perfectly imperfect life!

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About Katie

photograph of Katie for The Joyfully ImperfectHi- I’m Katie!

I’m definitely a people-person. At least until they wear me out.

I think that makes me an introverted-extrovert or an extroverted-introvert. I’ve yet to sit down and really analyze this.

Probably because I’m a super sanguine #7 on the Enneagram. Needless to say, I prioritize having fun with others, but I’ll straight up fall apart on you without the balance of alone time.

I’m a pastor’s wife, mother of four (two biological kids and two adopted kids), dog lover, avid reader, and enthusiastic traveler.

My husband is hands-down my best friend, but I’m actually a girl’s girl with everything in me. My mom and sister tend to be my first and last phone calls or texts of the day, alongside a few of my dearest friends. I truly cherish my friendships and I don’t know how I would do life without good friends to walk alongside me. I have a strict zero tolerance policy for friend drama- I have no time for fake friends or mean girl behavior in general. Just kind, honest, loyal friends, preferably who will make me laugh. I have a bad reputation with my friends’ husbands as the reason their wives stay on the phone too long or the instigator of the next girls’ trip. I’m still super close with my group of kindergarten besties, but I also absolutely love how each new life season brings new friends. A girl can never have too many true friends, right?

I love Jesus and my family most. I also really love our incredible church, my small group Bible study, pretty houses, the Housewives (don’t judge me), Christian blogs, cute clothes, adoption, good food and a good old fashioned girls’ night out. I was raised on Motown and South Carolina beach music, but as long as it has soul or my kids and I can dance to it in the kitchen, I’ll probably listen to it. I cheer for the Tarheels (my alma mater) during college basketball season, but I’ve learned how to say “Go Dawgs!” every weekend in the fall. I’m a North Carolina girl at heart, embracing Georgia life. And… I’m pretty much always happiest with my toes in the sand.

While all of this describes me, my true identity is in Christ alone, as a child of God.