Can You Imagine The Potential Impact of Daily Praying For Teachers, Specifically Your Kids’ Teachers?

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Can You Imagine The Potential Impact of Daily Praying For Teachers, Specifically Your Kids’ Teachers?

A few days ago, my husband and I were driving and discussing the start of the new school year. I told him that I had several ideas for things we could push “reset” on as a family, like eating healthier, setting earlier bedtimes, using less technology, etc.

Then, I told him about another idea I had.

I said, “Why don’t we both commit to pray for our kids’ teachers this year?”

To which he responded, “Absolutely.”

I went on to say, “Okay, so we can pray for each of their teachers every day for this school year and I bet it will-”

He interrupted with a look of sheer panic, “EVERY DAY for a whole school year?!? You know we have four kids! That’s a lot of praying.”

I sat there for a minute waiting for my husband (and pastor) to catch up with me spiritually…

After a brief but sufficiently awkward silence, he said quietly, “I’ll give you August.”

Still judging him hard from the passenger seat, I asked him why he and his pastor self (aren’t they supposed to pray for everyone all the time anyway?) wouldn’t commit to the whole year.

He said, “I can commit to one full month of praying every day for each of our kids’ teachers because I know I can honor that commitment.”

Which was certainly a good enough answer for me. I guess my idealism got me again!

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Setting Realistic Goals in Praying for Teachers

The start of a new school year always feels a little like New Years to me.

A chance to push reset.

An opportunity to set new goals.

I am sure many can relate to this feeling. And I am also sure that many can relate to my desire to set such a lofty goal, especially a lofty spiritual goal.

We’re really good at setting these types of goals and really great at falling behind, forgetting about our goals, and/or simply abandoning them as we see how unrealistic they were at the outset.

Setting lofty goals is an entirely different thing than actually meeting those goals.

However, setting realistic, specific, and measurable goals is a great practice. It helps us to prioritize what is most important to us. It also helps us to operate with focus and intentionality.

This August, our family has decided to set the goal of praying for each of our kids’ teachers each day.

Not because we simply want to meet a goal.

Not because we simply want to improve our prayer lives.

But because we believe praying for teachers could truly change the course of an entire school year.

During this discussion, my husband and I started talking through and dreaming of all the “what ifs”.

What if we spent the month of August praying for our kids’ teachers daily?

What if we focus on intentionally praying for different areas of each of these teachers’ lives?

What if God moves in big ways this school year because we’ve committed to taking this time to ask Him?

What could the potential impact be?

  • On our teachers?
  • On our students?
  • On our administration?
  • On our classrooms?
  • On our schools?
  • On our community?
  • On our own kids???

As a former teacher and a mom, I have a unique perspective — I know how tough both teaching and parenting can be. And I can honestly tell you that if someone committed to pray for me daily in either role you’d hear nothing but hallelujahs from me!

Regardless of their beliefs, I can’t imagine any of our kids’ teachers being offended that we’ve made this commitment. That we truly desire their well-being enough to take time out of each day for a month to ask God for it. Most everyone would affirm this commitment to pray for teachers everywhere.

We absolutely LOVE teachers and are incredibly thankful for their influence in our children’s lives. My husband and I recognize how great a teacher’s impact can be on their students, as well as their schools and communities. Their job is not an easy one, so if this is one simple way we can serve them this year, then we’re on board. 

What if just five minutes a day, for thirty-one days, added up to one amazing school year?

We’re willing to give it a try!

We’d love to know that others are joining us in this commitment to rally around our teachers, our kids, and our schools this year.

Click here for a free PDF version of this prayer guide to help you focus your prayers each day. Feel free to download the guide and save it to your phone for easy digital access. Or another option is to print the guide and place it in your Bible, on your mirror, in your car, or anywhere else you’ll be sure not to miss it. Please don’t hesitate to share this post with friends and family, so they can be praying alongside you. 

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