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Top 25 Favorite Fall Amazon Fashion Finds

Fall 2020: Top 25 Favorite Amazon Fashion Finds As I’ve mentioned previously, I absolutely love fall fashion! Honestly, I think I just love all things related to the fall- pumpkin-spice everything, apples galore, football every weekend, cooler weather, and an excuse for some cute and cozy new clothes. Whether you’ve […]


How Much Is Your Self-Esteem Costing You?

How Much Is Your Self-Esteem Costing You? As women, we all struggle with it to some degree, right? Self-consciousness. Self-esteem. Self-confidence. Whatever you want to call it, none of us are strangers to this insidious disease that plagues us all. It may be that we refuse to take a chance […]


What is God’s Plan for Marriage?

What is God’s Plan for Marriage? I have heard this question asked time and time again: What is God’s plan for marriage? Some think it is to make us happy. Others say marriage is actually designed not for our happiness, but for our holiness. While marriage can and hopefully does […]

woman napping on couch for post How Do Christians Keep the Sabbath Holy?

How Does a Christian Keep the Sabbath Holy Today?

What is the SABBATH? sabbath |ˈsabəTH| noun 1 (often the Sabbath) a day of religious observance and abstinence from work, kept by Jews from Friday evening to Saturday evening, and by most Christians on Sunday. Let’s take a quick poll: Raise your hand if you think that a Sunday afternoon […]

gallery of pretty fall front porch decor for post 12 beautiful fall front porches to recreate today

12 Beautiful Fall Front Porches to Recreate Today

There is nothing like a gorgeous and inviting front porch, with big planters full of stunning seasonal flowers (I love all of the ornamental cabbages) and draping greenery. And even better when the planters are accompanied with current and on trend fall porch decor, like pretty wreaths, signs, and pumpkins. […]